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The Association for Concrete-friends at RISE

The Association for Concrete-friends at RISE gathers industrial and public authority members in a forum for discussion about most actual subjects within material and construction areas. The purpose of the association is to create a direct contact between member company employees and RISE experts in the concrete, stone and aggregate area.

Why should you be a member of the Association for Concrete-friends at RISE?

There are three important reasons why: you give RISE a moral support for its research task, you make direct contacts with the researchers and you get to learn more about concrete and rock materials in an interesting way.

The purpose of RISE's activities in the concrete area is to create, apply and spread knowledge about concrete and rock materials. CBI Betonginstitutet, now integrated into RISE, was an industrial research institute founded in 1942 with the task of being a bridge between higher education and industry. The main aim was to strengthen Swedish industry within the knowledge of concrete, aggregates and natural stone.

Sweden's largest research environment for concrete and rock materials

RISE's operations in concrete have grown significantly in recent years and today has about 90 employees and is thus Sweden's largest environment for research in concrete and rock materials. Through its size and the expertise of its employees, RISE has rich opportunities to conduct extensive, sustainable and high-quality research in the concrete and rock material areas. 

The association has ca 40 members from all over the construction and associated sectors. Your competence and the direct involvement give us at RISE the strengthen we need to understand the challenges of the market. The total sum of the members' service charges certainly makes an important and welcome contribution to RISE's basic research and technology monitoring in the field of concrete, but your moral support cannot be valued in monetary terms.

In short, each member supports the Association for Concrete-friends at RISE independently and thus you contribute to the basic research that all of us operating in the concrete and rock materials sectors are in need of.

Membership benefits

The association's member companies, or organizations receive the following benefits:

  • Free participation at the association's annual meetings and information seminars/webinars
  • Free participation at the autumn conference meeting with a social event afterwards
  • Free consultation via optional open question for the autumn conference meeting 'Ask RISE'
  • A free copy of newly released RISE concrete reports and open assignment reports can be ordered
  • The name of the member company is listed on the RISE website and in the RISE newsletter for concrete
  • The members' companies are welcome to borrow literature in RISE concrete library and can get information about other needed literature

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The Association for Concrete-friends

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All companies, authorities and organizations interested in concrete and natural stone are warmly welcome as members of the Association for Concrete-friends at RISE.

The annual fee consists of two parts: a membership fee and a service fee. The service charge is dependent of the size of the company. 
The membership fee is SEK 500 for all memebers. 

For 2020, the service fee is SEK 11,825 (companies with less employees than 25 and for all type of authorities) and for larger organisation,  SEK 23,650, excluding VAT.

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