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The world is facing societal health challenges, such as pandemics, demographic changes, antibiotic resistance, and unequal care. In Europe in 2024, people aged 65 and older will outnumber the under 15s and by 2060 the over 80s is expected to be 61 million, almost 15 % of the population. People with non-communicable diseases, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and chronic lung disease and mental health issues is increasing. Simultaneously, the innovation pace within life science is high. Data driven innovative solutions, in combination with scientific advances, will have a profound impact on preemptive activities, diagnostics, novel treatments, rehabilitation and ultimately public health.

Life science is a branch of sciences, such as biology, medicine, sometimes also anthropology or sociology, that deals with living organisms and life processes. In the Swedish life science strategy the sector, defined as industry, the public healthcare system, higher education, and innovation institutions, promotes human health. The strategy defines eight prioritized areas:

  1. Structures for collaboration
  2. Unlocking the potential of health data for use in research and innovation
  3. Responsible, secure and ethical policy development
  4. Integration of research and innovation into care delivery
  5. Assistive technologies for increased independence, participation and health
  6. Research and infrastructure
  7. Skills supply, talent attraction, and lifelong learning
  8. International attractiveness and competitiveness

Life science at RISE addresses all eight prioritized areas as a research collaborator or an innovation partner to developing life science companies. Our strength is advanced tech infrastructure and subject matter expertise. 

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