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Future safe and secure autonomous systems

Explore our expertise in autonomous systems at the RISE Dependable Transport Systems Group. Discover WayWise, our showcase project, on GitHub for cutting-edge developments in functional safety, cybersecurity, and AI.

At the RISE Dependable Transport Systems group, we are dedicated to cutting-edge research and development in the realm of autonomous systems. Our expertise extends across a wide spectrum of applications, including autonomous vehicles, machinery, and drones. We specialize in ensuring the highest standards of functional safety, cybersecurity, and AI integration in autonomous systems.

Presenting WayWise: Rapid Prototyping of Autonomous Systems

WayWise, developed within our research projects, is not just a software library; it's a testament to our expertise. It serves as a showcase of our capabilities in developing methods for testing, verification, and validation of autonomous systems. WayWise embodies the essence of our commitment to meeting and exceeding emerging standards and regulations in functional safety, cybersecurity, and AI for vehicles and machinery.

Key Strengths

  • Expertise Showcase: WayWise highlights our group's profound understanding of autonomous systems' intricate requirements, including functional safety, cybersecurity, and AI integration.

  • Innovation Hub: As a cutting-edge rapid prototyping library, WayWise demonstrates our ability to innovate and adapt to evolving technologies and regulations.

  • Problem Solvers: We excel at overcoming complex challenges in autonomous systems, ensuring they meet the highest industry standards and regulatory demands.

Leading the Way

WayWise is more than just a software library; it's a manifestation of our commitment to excellence. Our research group is at the forefront of developing and evaluating autonomous systems in safety-critical contexts. We are your trusted partner in:

  • Functional Safety: We specialize in ensuring the safety of autonomous systems, adhering to emerging industry standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Cybersecurity: We fortify autonomous systems against cyber threats, safeguarding their integrity and functionality.

  • AI Integration: Our expertise in AI integration empowers autonomous systems with intelligent decision-making capabilities.

Use Cases

WayWise has been instrumental in various use cases across different domains. Our expertise has been leveraged to address complex challenges in the field of autonomous systems, including:

  1. Aerial Drones in Maritime Context: Within the LASH FIRE EU project, WayWise was used to perform a profound analysis of the use of aerial drones for reduced fire risks on ro-ro ships. Our expertise was used to built a prototype system and perform feasibility, usefulness and finally SWOT analyses. The final report and a short presentation from DSM 2023 are available online: LASH FIRE D7.7, presentation (video)

  2. Autonomous Tractors and Agricultural Machines: Several national projects and the AgrifoodTEF EU project have investigated the use of autonomous tractors, agricultural machines and supporting technology. Drever 120, an electrical tractor prototype, was automated using WayWise. Drever 120 was demonstrated for EU's agriculture ministers and can be seen in action online: LinkedIn post with video, article on EU agriculture ministers visiting RISE

  3. Experimental Automotive Verification and Validation: WayWise was utilized in the HEADSTART EU project to evaluate the safety and security of autonomous vehicles, particularly in the context of traffic jam scenarios. It enabled evaluating testing methods of various test cases from the ALKS regulation and simulated different driving scenarios to assess the performance of autonomous systems. Intermediate report online: HEADSTART D4.1 (search for "RISE SDVP")

Our current research efforts are focused on collaborative situational awareness within the AGRARSENSE EU project, which addresses forestry applications, and the SUNRISE EU project, which focuses on road vehicles. We are actively working on integrating WayWise and ROS2 to harness the strengths of both platforms, combining rapid prototyping capabilities with state-of-the-art autonomous functionality. This integration promises to advance the capabilities of our systems and enhance our ability to develop innovative solutions for complex real-world scenarios.

Explore WayWise on GitHub

To experience the capabilities of WayWise and witness our expertise firsthand, explore our project repository on GitHub:

Collaborate with Us

We invite potential collaborators, researchers in related fields, and companies seeking expertise in developing, testing, and verifying autonomous systems to join hands with us. Together, we can shape the future of autonomous systems, making them safer, smarter, and more secure.

To explore collaboration opportunities or learn more about our expertise, please reach out to our team.

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