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Onsite wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment

Our foremost area of expertise is onsite wastewater treatment and industrial wastewater treatment with a focus on achieving environmental and health protection as well as reuse of water, nutrition and energy in a way that is economically efficient.

  • Through our test bed we can offer quality assured product development and evaluation of onsite wastewater treatment plants and different types of treatment steps.
  • Within onsite wastewater treatment, we can offer investigations and research on techniques for emptying sludge, sourceseparating wastewater solutions and evaluation and supervision of methodology in the field.
  • Within industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, we offer expertise in process development for the purification and reuse of different types of water (wastewater from food production and other industries, wastewater, greywater, storm water, etc.) to achieve:
    • Improved resource efficiency and environmental and health protection in industrial water systems.
    • Optimized process development and the introduction of more efficient and newly developed processes for industrial water management and purification.
  • For all types of operations in sewage and waste, we can also offer expertise on sludge quality, certification system, use as fertilizer on agricultural land as well as purification and effects of micropollutants (pharmaceuticals, microplastics etc.).
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