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Co-upgrading of biobased and fossil raw material in refinery infrastructure

Upgrading of renewable raw materials in existing refinery infrastructure offers great opportunities for rapid fossil-free conversion. We study how this can become a reality.

In many cases, bio-based materials have properties that differ significantly from the fossil raw materials for which refineries are built and optimized. Within RISE there is expertise and equipment to study how refinery processes are affected when various bio-based materials are introduced together with the fossil raw material. We also conduct research on fully bio-based feeds to the processes.

Our test equipment ranges from small scale batch reactors, up to continuous tests that can produce liters of product, and we can perform the tests at industrially relevant pressures and temperatures. We also have the expertise and equipment to thoroughly characterize feed and products via techniques such as NMR, GC MS and simulated distillation.

Questions that we at RISE can help answer are for example;

What yield can you expect from bio raw material to upgraded product?
How does the biomass affect the composition of the product?
What process-related problems can arise?
What impact do different process parameters have on the results?

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