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Transports within total defence

Transport is an important part of total defence and crisis preparedness. It involves transporting people, raw materials, consumables and equipment. But it also covers transporting energy, processing aids and expertise.

Transports in total defence and crisis preparedness

Well-functioning transport is one of the cornerstones of our society. Recently, extreme weather, a pandemic and a deteriorating security policy situation have led to disruptions in the transport system. This highlights how vital it is to build a transport system that works even in extreme situations, not least in times of crisis and war.

Resilient transport systems are needed

If Sweden shall be able to achieve sufficient security of supply, the future fossil-free transport system needs to be built with resilience in mind. It must be possible for goods to be transported from producer/warehouse to consumer via different modes of transport in the multi-modal transport system. Transport infrastructure, fuel supply and vehicle systems must withstand changing and unexpected circumstances.

Transports affects several parts of total defence

The functioning of the transport system is necessary for total defence and crisis preparedness. This since transport has a close connection to other areas of total defence such as health care, food and drinking water, and energy supply. In food transport, for example, it is extremely important that transport takes place in a unbroken cold chain and at a certain pressure or temperature.

How RISE can contribute to transport in total defence

Through our broad expertise and research, RISE has good opportunities to investigate vulnerabilities. By developing methods and processes we contribute to strengthening the transport system resilience.

Coordinated transport and energy system for strengthened total defence

Good coordination between the transport and energy systems is essential for the functioning of the transport system of the future. To date, this is a relatively unexplored area. RISE expertise in resilience, transport, energy and systems gives unique opportunity to contribute to a strengthened transport system. In the long run, it contributes to a strengthened total defence and a strengthened crisis preparedness.

RISE expertise within the area

Seamless Transports and Logistics
Sustainable shipping


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