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Sales of hygiene products has grown rapidly in recent years. The competition on the market is fierce, which puts pressure on production costs. Meanwhile, the use of sustainable materials and minimising energy use has become important factors. Product properties, such as softness and liquid absorption, must therefore continuously be improved.

Challenges on the tissue market

In many parts of the world there is a lack of available traditional papermaking fibres, while standards of living and the demand for hygiene products increases. Even in mature markets there is an increasing demand for hygiene products. Alternative production methods and fibre materials are therefore of the highest priority in order to minimize the costs to attain the best properties as possible while lowering the expenditure of resources as much as possible. Is it possible to keep essential properties, such as softness and absorption, at the same time as fewer and more resource-effective fibres or alternative production processes are being used?

Our competence

RISE activities in the area of tissue paper include the development and evaluation of tissue throughout the entire value chain in order to optimize the energy consumption, process- and resource-efficiency, and the properties of the final product. Another important area is to increase knowledge through characterization and development of new methods of measurement regarding sheet structure, liquid absorption ability, and softness. In addition to our expertise on tissue, we can apply our extensive knowledge and experience on general papermaking as well.

What we can offer

RISE aims to improve all steps and aspects of the tissue making process. We regularly tackle questions on how absorption properties, strength or softness may be improved efficiently.

We work in close dialogue with our customers in order to tailor a plan to your specific need. We have a well-developed laboratory with conventional measuring equipment, in-house developed methods for characterization of essential properties for hygiene products, as well as equipment for embossing. We also have access to a wide range of other equipment within RISE and through our partners.

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