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The National Laboratory for Photometry and Radiometry

RISE is Sweden's NMI (National Metrology Institute) and is, according to the Swedish constitution, responsible for the central measurement quantities in the International System of Units, SI. 

The National Laboratory for Photometry and Radiometry is a leading expertise in optical measurements. We perform calibrations, measurements, examinations and research in the optical wavelength range, i.e. ultraviolet, visible and infrared. 

Optical measurements means the techniques used to measure optical radiant power. The measurement of absolute radiant flux is called radiometry and involves the whole optical wavelength range. It uses units such as Watt and Joule. Photometry is the measurement of light with regards to how humans experience it. This is done by scaling the radiometric measurements by the sensitivity of the human eye. Photometry uses the photometric units, lumen, candela och lux. 

Our expertise includes: 

  • Light sources
  • Instruments for measuring light
  • Optical properties of materials and surfaces
  • Lighting
  • Light environment
  • Experience of light

We also contribute to research projects, both to develop the metrological knowledge base and also in projects where optical measurements are a vital part of problem solving. 

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