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Sustainable ICT

Rising energy consumption throughout the product life-cycle in combination with corresponding increasing emissions of greenhouse gases and waste are well-known consequences of a modern digital lifestyle. RISE is dedicated to make a difference to make ICT (Information and Communications Technology) more sustainable.

This includes reducing the environmental impact from ICT but also using ICT as an enabler for innovative sustainable solutions.

The activities are performed by a cross-functional RISE team with expertise covering the whole spectrum from development of sustainable materials and processes to reduced environmental impact from data-centres, via e.g. life cycle analysis, design, recycling and manufacturing of various aspects of ICT.

Our offer

We help you solve questions related to:

Develop, design and manufacture with sustainable materials

  • Materials research
  • Development of electronics and construction methods that challenge today's systems
  • Design for green electronics

Reduce energy consumption over the entire life of the electronics

  • New cooling methods for edge nodes
  • Energy optimization in edge nodes
  • RISE test bed for testing and experiments concerning the data center as part of the energy system.

Circularity and reusability

  • Design for a longer life and for the eventual reuse of electronics
  • New production methods
  • Design for reusability
  • LCA for sustainable data centers and also for electronic components
  • Policy and regulatory levels how electronics are built and designed

In the research projects Green Electronics Initiative and Grönare elektronik, we are developing an infrastructure for industry and research partners that is important for the transformation towards green electronics and sustainable ICT with, for example, demonstrators, new methods and solutions for inspiration and direct use.

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Jon Summers

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Jon Summers

Senior Forskare

+46 10 228 44 40

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