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Surface treatment

<p>How is a treated surface effected by contamination of oil or oxides? Surface treatment of different substrate materials is significant within process- and product development. At RISE we have resources and&nbsp;competence to do surface treatment and to evaluate&nbsp;surfaces.</p>


Surface treatment and treated layers have to be developed continuously to meet new demands. We offer optimization and evaluation of industrial surface treatment processes such as pre-treatments, painting, coating, cleaning and metallization.

Evaluation of surface treatment processes 

By continuously evaluating new processes for surface treatment we keep us updated and maintain the knowledge regarding the processes. We have flexible pilot scale plants and painting fascilities and a long experience from working with automotive and metal industry both national and international.

Industrial cooperation and projects within surface treatment 

We work together with swedish industry in large development projects but we also do smaller direct assignments. Larger projects often include survey, finish, performance and support with optimization of processes for surface treatment. Small direct assignments are performed in lab scale where we can evaluate  properties and finish of surfaces, perform corrosion testing and determine cleanliness of surfaces through surface analyses and perform analyses of particle cleanliness.

We do offer:

  • Cleaning - Pre-treatment and passivation
  • Powder coating and paint application
  • Chemical- and electroplating treatment
  • corrosion characteristics
  • curing temperature curves
  • degree of curing
  • testing of paint systems and thermal sprayed layers.
  • particle cleanliness


Charlotte Ireholm

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Charlotte Ireholm


+46 10 228 47 44

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