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Specialty optical fiber

Specialty optical fiber are used in a variety of industries, ranging from communications and oil/gas industry to laser surgery, high-power lasers, medical technology, sensors and aerospace.

The specialty optical fiber comes in hundreds of varieties. They can be

  • very small fibers for integration into batteries or fuel cells,
  • fibers adapted for integration into composite materials,
  • optical fiber with holes for optofluidics,
  • hollow core fibers for gas sensors,
  • carbon coated (hermetic) fibers for harsh environment sensing, or
  • thick fibers that can carry high laser powers.

We adapt the fiber to suit your application, or develop completely new fiber types for new solutions.

Together with customers and partners, we produce first prototypes, short series of experimental fibers, or thousands of kilometers of customized fiber for commercial customers.

RISE Fiberlab was inaugurated in the fall of 2001, and we build new towers in new premises 2016. We offer 12 skilled researchers and engineers, and two very flexible fiber draw towers where we develop optical fiber of various types and dimensions and with the possibility to coat fiber with active or passive coatings. Where needed, we also provide extrusion of buffers on the fiber.

Do you want to discuss how specialty optical fiber can be used in your application, or perhaps you already have a specification on what fiber you need? Contact Us!

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