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Servitisation and market development of mobility services

Today's mobility, how people and goods are transported, is undergoing a major change.The technological development is in an exciting development phase with self-driving technology, new ways of sharing transport and completely new vehicle types.

At the same time, the need for new mobility is increasing, reducing car queues in the cities and enabling transport for everyone, both in cities and in the countryside.

In parallel with new technology and increased digitalisation, the business models are being developed.  Vehicle manufacturers are experimenting with new ways to share the car and with services where, instead of buying the vehicle, they subscribe to mobility.  New players and new types of vehicles are being developed.  Digital platforms, such as Uber for new types of joint ride-hailing and electric kick-bike services like VOI, have in many ways challenged the market.

At RISE, we have a portfolio of projects that are largely aimed at developing mobility services to stimulate market maturity and product development, through proof of concepts in development phases close to market introduction.  In collaboration with companies and the public sector, we set up experiments, build prototypes and conduct experiments in real-life environments with real users to:

  •  identify and develop technological opportunities,
  • find business models, with relevance to stakeholders in all sectors,
  • identify roles in ecosystems and organization,
  • study regulations and policy aspects and
  • build practical know-how and skills.

New services, new vehicles and new roles challenge existing regulations.  Therefore, an important part of our work is regulatory innovation and policy labs - where interpretation of existing regulations and the development of new ones are the focus of stimulating sustainable market development.

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