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Safety of Machinery and CE Marking

<p>Machines in Europe must meet the basic health and safety requirements of the EU Machinery Directive. Manufacturer declares conformance through CE marking.</p>

Machine builders, users of machines and marketing companies throughout the European Union are affected by the Machinery Directive. It may be difficult to find the right European standard, or to coduct a risk analysis and compile the technical documentation for the CE marking.

RISE knows state-of-the-art technical solutions for safety of machinery, and knows the requirements of regulations and standards. We assist with risk analysis, evaluation of machines, tests of safety functions and functional tests.

Notified body

We can issue EC type-approvals. RISE is a notified body for safety components in accordance with Annex 4 to the Machinery Directive. We test logic units such as control systems and safety modules. SMP is the notified body for many types of machines according to Annex 4 of the Machinery Directive; including woodworking machinery, motor chain saws, hand-fed circular saws, band saws, planers, presses, waste handling vehicles (garbage trucks), vehicle lifts, working platforms (personal lifts) and roll-over protective structures / falling-object protective structures (ROPS / FOPS).

Independant evaluation

The independent evaluations of RISE may be part of the technical file needed for the manufacturer to be able to CE-mark his product. The CE mark shows that the manufacturer considers that all essential health and safety requirements from all applicable directives have been met.

We work on issues relating to CE marking of machinery and production lines, are accredited for inspection and testing, and offer product certification. We are also happy to tailor tests, training and safety evaluations to the wishes of our customers.

SMP operates testing laboratories outside Malmö and in Umeå. There we perform the tests that require fixed installations. Other tests are carried out on site by our customers using mobile Equipment.

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