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Resource-recovering Wastewater Systems

To achieve sustainability, the wastewater sector is currently transitioning from treatment and discharge to recovery of resources that can be found in wastewater.

Framework for Sustainability Analysis
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At RISE, we apply a system-wide sustainability analysis including society, organization, technology in order to assess sustainability of wastewater systems. The system analysis includes a wide set of criteria: i.e. societal, health, technology, environmental and economy, using models and the latest research. The systems assessed by RISE to date include, among others, novel wastewater solutions and technologies to save and recover resources, such as water, energy and nutrients, e.g. source separating wastewater systems or nutrient recovery processes at WWTPs.

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Digital twin for sustainable and resource efficient operation of WWTPs

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Test & demo

Testbed for small scale wastewater treatment

Nationally unique, as the plant is connected to one of the few sewers with a separate stream of toilet water (black water). This allows us to mix and adapt wastewater to customer needs. Our test bed is partially underground, which…

Sustainable waste water treatment plant

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The Swedish Nutrient Platform - co:creation for healthy circulation of nutrients

The Swedish Nutrient Platform started to take form during the fall of 2019 and is continuing into a phase of being further established during 2020 with support from Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency.