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Research on Buildings and Infrastructures

RISE covers different research areas in the field of mechanics of structures, building components and materials, rock mechanics and engineering, structural dynamics, protective structures and buildings.

We focus on the development and use of advanced experimental and computational tools: very-small to very-large-scale testing facilities, optical measurements and non-destructive testing techniques, advanced finite element and discrete element simulations.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the next generation of sustainable, innovative, high-performance buildings and infrastructures, by increasing the knowledge and safety level related to their use. We study solutions for existing ageing structures, by investigating their properties and reuse.

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We are open to collaborative projects with the industry, universities and other research-active organisations and individuals willing to explore with us new areas of research and development on topics related to buildings and infrastructures.

Open research data

We follow the principles for Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable data - FAIR. We value the open sharing of the research data as an important contribution to the impact, transparency and reproducibility of the scientific results achieved during our projects.

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Find here the most recent research articles, conference papers, reports and datasets published by the group.

List of publications (pdf, 199.77 KB)

Lars Jacobsson

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Lars Jacobsson

Senior forskare

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Daniel Vennetti

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Daniel Vennetti


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Recycled concrete aggregates in climate-neutral structural applications

Reinforced concrete beams from a demolished bridge in Sweden are used to produce recycled aggregate. The recycled aggregate will be processed and added in different fractions to an established concrete mix. Experimental investigat…

Utilization of waste streams in concrete

We can help you with strategies and technical development for recycling of residual and demolition waste, as well as excavation masses to secondary aggregate in concrete and other construction products, such as bricks.


A team of experts investigates the properties, load-bearing capacity and reuse of masonry materials and structures through advanced experimental and numerical techniques.

Earthquake Engineering

Earthquakes are catastrophic events that cannot be predicted. Yet, we must ensure that buildings, infrastructures and critical equipment for power generation and telecom are reliable during earthquakes, also in regions where earth…

Digital Image Correlation measurement

Deformation measurement of materials and structures subjected to various loading is a fundamental task of experimental mechanics. Optical full-field deformation measurements based on DIC and DVC open new possibilities for engineer…

Rock mechanical testing

As infrastructure projects grow in size, higher utilization of the rock material is required to keep building costs down while maintaining security. Dimensioning models and calculation, which can be used, for example in p…
Test & demo

Testbed for components and large structures

<p>The testbed offers an internationally unique combination of powerful and versatile mechanical testing resources, advanced measurement methods, cutting-edge competence in computation and research resources.</p>