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Reliability evaluation for electronic hardware

RISE has expertise within reliability evaluation and can offer support and guidance for deriving reliability data for electronic components and carrying out reliability evaluation of safety related electronic hardware

It is becoming increasingly common that standards for the development and testing of safety-critical electrical / electronic systems place specific requirements on the reliability of the electronic hardware. It has been found that a greater proportion of our customers feel uncertain about what really needs to be done in order to prove that these requirements are met for their products.

RISE can therefore offer guidance and / or support at:

  • Reliability modeling of safety-critical electrical / electronic systems (Failure analysis and modeling with reliability block diagrams or Markov chains for calculating, for example, PFH/D, PMHF, SFF, SPFM and LFM)
  • Generation of reliability data for electronic components (reliability prediction with e.g. IEC TR 62380 or MIL-HDBK-217F)
  • Conducting reliability calculations

RISE has access to software tools for the above activities that automate certain steps that may otherwise be complex to perform in this type of analysis.

RISE preferably works with reliability analysis to demonstrate that the requirements of standards IEC 61508 (series), ISO 26262, ISO 13849-1 or IEC 62061 are met

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