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Workshop Competence for Prototype Production

In our workshop, we are experienced in helping innovators and researchers to build prototypes and experimental equipment. Our competence and capacity include all aspects of a modern mechanical workshop as well as CAD / CAM, automation and final assembly. In addition, commissioning, technical troubleshooting, operation and maintenance of experimental equipment during field trials are included as natural parts of the experience base.

Our competence and capacity include:

Technical problem solving and prototype design

  • Active support for inventors to solve technical challenges when realizing their ideas
  • CAD-drawings (3D) to visualize and document prototypes or other equipment before construction

Fabrication and construction

  • Bending, cutting and forming of plate steel and plastics
  • Turning, milling and drilling of Components
  • Welding – TiG, MiG ( blackplate, stainless, aluminum )
  • Assembly of aggregate machines and structures

Control systems

  • Design, programming and installation of control systems
  • Design, assembly and control of hydraulic systems
  • Installation and connection of electrical systems

Practical execution of field experiments within applied R&D

  • Commissioning of automated experimental equipment
  • Practical tests of prototypes
  • Operations, monitoring and maintenance of experimental equipment
  • Data collection, measurements and sampling

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Tomas Reilander


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