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Printability for packaging materials

Print quality is predictable. However, to achieve this, one must equip with right tools that measure the relevant materials properties. Even though board properties are measured in board mills, their relationship with printing is not fully established. Therefore, to develop knowledge and tools that enable one to identify the relevant material properties to print quality lie constantly in the focus of our research.

Our Expertise

Through the years, we have developed unique expertise, knowledge and tools, on printability. This includes topography, absorption, compressibility and optics of the substrates and printing dynamics, applicable to conventional and digital printing techniques on board and corrugated materials.

The tools (methods and software) help our customers understanding of the complex processes that govern qualities of print. These understandings are also helpful for designing experimental investigations and for interpretation of the observed results. We have long term and well documented experiences in which paper and board surface properties are important for printing. By measuring of the board surface using image analysis tools, a prediction of the print quality can be achieved.

Since printing is a complex dynamic process in which multiple interactions involved, it is important to understand the contribution from individual factors. For this, we have developed theoretical simulations based on physical models of printer/ink/substrate interactions. With these simulation tools, the effects of individual factors such as porosity, ink viscosity, nip pressure profile, compressibility of the board etc., can be studied.

More information

We can help you with characterization of printing surfaces, test printing, print evaluation, image analysis and implementing analysis methods. We have in-depth expertise in printing and how to achieve the desired print quality for packaging and paper.

At RISE, paper, board, ink and printing press producers can come together with converters and printers within the context of our research projects. We carry out research and development directly alongside industrial application.

Printing trials is in the heart core of our business. For these, we can offer a unique infrastructure enabling experimental evaluation relating to printing and material properties. Our experience also reaches to full-scale printing, which we often plan and carry out together with our customers.

Our focus is on methods that can predict printability. This provides quality assurance within the paper-ink-print value chain and the role played by the surface in processing and refining materials, as well as in finished products. We have a great deal of experience in which paper and board properties are important in terms of printing results and we can help with analyzing these properties.


  • Printing
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  • Corrugated
  • Absorption
  • Compressibility
  • Printing dynamics

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