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Planning and analysis of charging infrastructure

The transition to electric vehicles comes with new questions, concerns and choices for actors in transportation as well as in infrastructure. We conduct research to learn more about these questions.

In a large part of the world, electric vehicles are already both practical and economical for some applications. Electric city buses and taxis, for example, are becoming more and more common, and adoption of city refuse and distribution trucks are probably not far behind.

For an individual actor considering a changeover to electric vehicles for the first time, it is nevertheless common to run into new questions and uncertainties which need to be sorted out. Often it is necessary to take into account the amount of energy which can be stored on board the vehicles in a different way than before, and study planning and logistics with fresh eyes, to find or create charging opportunitites. Still there are also segments which are perceived as more difficult to electrify, where there are no obvious or proven solutions or where one at least needs to be more careful to solve the puzzle. The questions not only concern vehicle owners and transportation operators but also organizations with overall responsibilities for public transport, refuse collection or other transportation services.

For actors in infrastructure there is also a puzzle to solve, regarding where chargers should be installed and when. Incentives and costs need to be considered, and comprehension needs to be built regarding how the need for charging infrastructure grows and is best accommodated. The issue also involves production and distribution of electricity, for instance regarding the environmental friendliness of the energy and the power capacity of the electric grids.

The amount of involved actors and systems makes it necessary to look at the whole picture while the parts are still studied in sufficient detail. RISE is an independent research partner actively working for sustainable transports from a societal perspective. We have a portfolio of projects in the area, where we together with real actors work with matters such as:

  • Survey of and dialogue with actors, their interests and needs.
  • Data collection, processing and analysis.
  • Modeling, simulation and calculations relating to powertrains and energy systems.
  • Planning and functional and economic analysis of different electrification alternatives.
  • Tools for simpler and more efficient planning and analysis.
  • Interaction between electricity production, -distribution, -trade, energy storage and power trains.
  • Load balancing and local production and storage of electric energy.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more or have ideas or suggestions for new projects!

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