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Physical safety and protection testing within total defence

The security threats against Sweden have increased rapidly and are expected to continue to do so in the coming years. RISE can contribute with unique expertise and test beds linked to physical testing in the area of safety and protection connected to total defence.

RISE can offer its expertise in the following areas

Burglary protection

  • Performed on various construction products such as doors, windows, safes, vaults, safes and service boxes
  • During testing, the products are subjected to manual attack with different types of tool kits depending on classification.

Components and materials

  • Mainly on included materials and components such as hinges, locks, lock cases, lock cylinders and fittings
  • The components are subjected to various types of fatigue and destructive testing


  • Testing takes place mainly on construction products and entire systems such as walls, windows, doors, shutters and grilles.
  • Field tests can be performed and filmed with high-speed cameras to analyze in detail how different installations behave under dynamic load


  • Mostly within different construction and safety products but also on ingoing components
  • Testing takes place at an inhouse shooting range that can be adapted to current ballistic requirements and test objects. Field testing is also available

Personal protective equipment

  • Primarily performed on safety vests and helmets
  • The products are tested against ballistic protection requirements but also against stabbing / cutting force

When testing against a standard, a complete report with an accreditation mark is obtained in cases where the method is accredited. The test report can then be used as a basis for certification.

Why choose RISE

RISE is an independent partner to Swedish authorities and companies with the goal of strengthening Sweden's competitiveness and sustainable development

  • Our experts perform work in collaboration with companies, government and the armed forces
  • Unique test facilities - there is no equivalent in northern Europe
  • Perform development testing and accredited testing
  • High competence with long experience within the area
  • Testing is performed in a laboratory, but we also have the option of performing field testing
  • Local presence, short lead times and flexibility with focus on the customer
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