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Outdoor buildings in wood

Wooden outdoor constructions include facades, wooden decks, balconies, bridges, posts and fences.

Facades at Älvsbackastrand, Skellefteå Sweden
Photo: Karin Sandberg
På fotot visas träfasader med en variation av färg och med både stående och liggande panel.

By using wood, which is a renewable building material, you can create beautiful and functional outdoor environments. It is possible to vary wood types, design and surface treatments to achieve an aesthetically pleasing construction. For it to be a sustainable construction, knowledge of constructive design, wood selection, wood protection treatments and surface treatments adapted to the design is needed. Maintenance is also important for a long service life and a low life cycle costs (LCC).

Employees at RISE have experience focused on wood knowledge and constructive design, material selection, strength sorting, building regulations, standards, wood protection treatment, surface treatment, foundation, fasteners and life cycle analyses (LCA) etc.

RISE has participated in the writing of several handbooks and guideline on the subject, attend research projects and has access to test environments.


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Karin Sandberg

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