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Organic synthetic chemistry

Organic synthetic chemistry is used when producing many of the things that surrounds us, from paints and materials to fuels and medicine. At RISE we have the knowledge to solve complex issues within a broad range of areas from building blocks from renewable sources to optimization of a the syntesis of a new pharmaceutical.

At RISE we work both with a broad and a small perspective, we can solve problems and find answers to most issues regarding organic synthetic chemistry and we work at scales from micro gram to kilo grams. Our organic synthetic chemists have experience from both academia and industry and work with areas such as pharmaceuticals, biofuel, fine chemicals and materials. In Södertälje we have also, except from expertise within pharmaceutical development also built up a bioeconomy operation where we develop manufacture processes for biofuels and green chemicals from lignocellulose and other streams.

No matter if our customers need help connected to new legislation within the environmental area  or to find a better catalyst - we have the knowledge and expertise to help.

In general we can divide our customers in to two categories, the ones that already have a chemical process that they for different reasons need help with, and the ones that have an idea or a labproduct that they want to scale up, optimise or develop. We can also help dinding new Products.

If you want to improve or optimise a current chemical proces, we ca help you with:

  • lower the energy consumption
  • increase product yield
  • improve the working environment
  • decrease the amount of waste
  • help with substitution of chemicals
  • lower the amount of byproducts
  • make the process safer
  • adaptation to a new plant
  • conversion from batch to flow
  • PAT - process analytical technology
  • Route scouting via AI/ML

If you have a project within early development we can help you with:

  • make litterature studies
  • find robust and scalable synthetic routes,
  • help with separation techniques that work for industrial scale
  • provide byproduct profiles,
  • solve problems with homogenous and heterogenous catalysis,
  • support with detailed safety data and kinetic studies,
  • develop safe processes
  • make techno economical calculations,
  • help with technology transfer
  • QBD, quality by design
  • Process safety

We have the competence to solve complex issues within a range of areas with organic Chemistry as the common nominator. Our Projects spans from new building blocks from renewable sources to optimise the synthesis for new Pharmaceuticals.

Our collected knowledge and range makes us a flexible partner that provides tailormade soloutions from idea to product.

Contact person

Jenny Adrian Meredith


+46 10 516 65 45

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