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Micromobility and Light Electric Vehicles

Innovations in information and communication technology have enabled new modes of transport beyond traveling in our own cars or with public transport. Various forms of new transportation modes have been popping out over the last few years, including cargo bike-sharing, free-floating bicycle pools, electric moped pools and even electric scooters (kick bikes).

Several of these new transport modes are taking up a significant market share with incredible speed in many cities around the globe. But at the same time, there is still a lack of knowledge about how these new transport modes are used and what effects they bring to society.

At RISE we work with:

  • Intelligence and analysis
  • User studies and usage patterns
  • Innovation and business models
  • Policy and regulations

RISE delivers strategic research and analysis with the purpose of benefiting our society. Our ambition is to create a better living environment and offer possibilities for people to manage their daily mobility in a simple and sustainable way. Besides, together with our industrial and academic partners, we are determined to develop innovative solutions that can potentially resolve the challenges we face today.

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