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Mechanically ventilated constructions – function control, damage investigation, quality assurance, certification

<p>Mechanically ventilated constructions are used to create moisture-proof constructions and to stop emissions from reaching the indoor environment. RISE works on evaluating the function of these constructions in connection with damage investigations, inspections and quality assurance during new installation, verification of system solutions in connection with certification and follow-up control of certified systems and installations.</p>

Through our broad expertise in building physics, long-term experience from moisture damage investigation and quality assurance along with specialist knowledge in the field of mechanically ventilated constructions, RISE can participate in the development, quality assurance and evaluation of the function of mechanically ventilated constructions. The first version of the certification rules for mechanically ventilated floors was published in 1993.

Mechanically ventilated constructions are complex systems and it is a challenge to make them function satisfactorily, which places great demands on quality assurance. If one succeeds in ensuring the function, they can be used to solve otherwise difficult-to-handle and diffuse problems such as emissions from moisture-damaged constructions or drying out of concrete structures.

  • Function control
    The purpose of a function check can be, for example, inventory / function mapping of installations or follow-up control of certified systems to assess the system's function. See the standard service ‘Mechanically ventilated gaps and constructions - function control’
  • Procurement support
    In procurement, it is important to formulate a clear order to ensure good function in the finished installation. RISE can help formulate tender documents and evaluate tenders.
  • Quality assurance for new installation
    In order to ensure good function in the finished installation, RISE can participate with quality checks during new installations, which may include examination of inquiry documents, design documents and inspections at construction site.
  • Certification and verification of systems and type solutions
    RISE can offer certification of mechanically ventilated constructions and technical evaluation in connection with this.

By having a collaboration with RISE you can expect to get help and support from people with high competence and long experience from field measurements as well as access to laboratories with large resources.

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Teknologie magister

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