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Mechanical joining

In the field of mechanical joining, RISE has the expertise and equipment to handle everything from dimension, calculation and construction to process selection, optimisation, material behavior and bonding properties such as strength, corrosion and geometry safety, as well as non-destructive testing, quality assurance and accident investigation.

We are researching, developing and verifying new research findings in mechanical jointing and broadening them for implementation in the industry. The business aims to increase the competitiveness of Swedish industry with improved or new technologies such as digitized grouting processes, which contribute to the development of sustainable production with higher productivity and quality.

Joining techniques

A strength area for RISE is classic mechanical bonding techniques and bonding. In addition, RISE is increasingly working on adapting, optimizing and verifying jointing techniques and processes for multi-material structures, lightweight components and innovative joining.

Increased quality, product features and productivity

Our joint research studies include new process variants and materials, how different parameters affect and can be optimized to provide increased quality, improved properties and increased productivity. In our test beds, we can also offer companies to try new ideas in a production-like setting

Collaboration projects within joining

RISE has close cooperation with Swedish industry, various organizations, Jernkontoret, Fordonskomponentgruppen (FKG) and LIGHTer, as well as with universities and colleges. This results in many national and international projects being run with collaboration in both technology and education.

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