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Measurement technology aspects for Automated Transports

<p>With Automated Transport, a lot of metrology challenges are related to sensors and measuring systems in order to develop methods for traceability and analyzes of measurement uncertainty. Measurement technology aspects for technologies linked to measuring systems, signal processing, GNSS positioning, positioning systems, geometry and optical properties.</p>

Measurement technology is an area where we have deep expertise and can create synergies for the technologies used in Automated Transport.

RISE knows the value and importance of traceability and can help the customer with calibration of complex measuring systems

To control measurement uncertainty for vehicle sensors for eg. Positioning is a challenge that places new demands, especially when measurements are made dynamically

Deep competence in how to ensure traceability and how signal processing and measuring systems are affected by the measurement uncertainty in the included system components.




Measurements are made all over the world, in all sectors. Usually we measure in order to make decisions or to control something. It can be to decide on certain actions, but it can also be automated decisions in industry control- o…
Test & demo


A testbed and real-world environment for the development and testing of tomorrow’s automated transport systems.

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