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Materials for use in wet areas - Research and innovation, testing, damage investigations, training, certification

RISE is the natural party for various actors in the area of wet areas materials for use in wet areas in terms of research and innovation, testing, damage investigations, training, certification and more. RISE has a unique pool of expertise and comprehensive resources.

RISE has great expertise and great resources in the field of materials for use in wet areas that can be made available to the business community.

Water damage is the most common type of damage in housing and costs society annually 6 billion SEK according to Other sources indicate 10 billion SEK annually. Water damage is not only costly to fix but also affects the working environment, housing environment and leads to unnecessary use of resources. These high figures for water damage we want to contribute to reducing.

Our goal is to coordinate, develop and market RISE the full competence and resources of the wet area so that society's costs for water damage can be reduced in the coming years.

RISE has extensive expertise and services in the wet room area, some examples are:

  • Testing according to many standardised methods, mainly according to ETAG 022 for type testing as a basis for certification.
  • Special Tests of e.g. prefabricated bathroom modules, aids for the disabled, etc.
  • Damage investigations in wet areas.
  • Moisture calculations of different design designs of bathrooms etc.
  • Certification of wet-room products and compound wet-room systems by CE marking.
  • Testing and certification of the connection of waterproofing to gullies.

Several research projects have been carried out over the years. See Publications on

By having a partnership with RISE in wet room issues, you can expect help and support from high-skilled people and access to laboratories with large resources.

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