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Material Reliability in Marine Environment

Marine Biofouling and Marine Corrosion experts joined forces


To respond on the growing demand from the so called "blue growth" sectors RISE engineers and scientist experts in marine biofouling (with experience from different academic and industrial sectors such as fish farming, shipping, pleasure boats, ocean energy, offshore renewable, offshore oil and gas etcetera) have joined forces with engineers and scientist experts in marine corrosion. This joined force is focusing on material reliability in the marine environment from a broader perspective.


Normally marine fouling is strongly linked to the corrosion process. Marin biofouling can trigger corrosion and corrosion protection need in some exposure area be reinforced by fouling protection in order to guarantee the functionality for the designed lifetime. Different organisms such as barnacles can cause various damage and negative effects on metals and corrosion protection system. Moreover, the MIC (Microbial Induced Corrosion) can accelerate end of life of structures up to 1000-fold faster than the calculated lifetime from simulations.


We offer services that cover large parts of the innovation chain, from idea to product on the market. We have access to our own test bed for materials in a marine environment that can be used by customers and partners as well for research and product development projects. We do coordinate or participate in several research projects on the topic of material reliability in marine environment. We do also offer proof of concept or larger R&D development projects under NDA where we combine experts and scientists in designing the project together with the costumer or academical partner. We also carry out standardized tests according to ISO/ASTM/CEPE standard for validation and registration prior to market launch.




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