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Investigation of coating degradation and durability

With new approaches using spectroscopic methods such as FTIR and FPA imaging, weather induces changes in the properties of coated steel is analyzed.

The environmental stability of organic coated metals is of great importance for many application areas such as infrastructure, architectural sector and the automotive industry. The coated material is expected to withstand different environmental impacts subjected to degradation by UV-radiation as well as hydrolytic effects. The weathering-induced degradation of the coating, due to humidity and UV-radiation is a key factor regulating service life of the coating and is studied in accelerated laboratory testing as a complement to outdoor exposures.

Although numerous investigations have been performed in this area, there are still a need for studies utilizing novel methods to determine the influence of degradation on chemical and barrier properties of coated steel. Additionally, more knowledge regarding methods to analyze and quantify degradation in paint systems is of high importance to meet future demands.

We offer good knowledge in the area of coating degradation in different environments and have experience in both accelerated testing and field testing. We have climate chambers for temperature, humidity cycling and UV radiation. Measurements of color and gloss is offered, as well as more advances methods such as spectroscopic methods, microscopy and electrochemical tests.


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