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Interaction design

Interaction design focuses on what it is like to use a product, website or service. An interaction designer makes it as easy to understand and as simple as possible for the users.

Interaction design aims to make products, services, websites and more, to be as easy to understand and use as possible. The basis lies in design principles for the design of interfaces and interaction patterns that guide the user to achieve their goal. Interaction design includes the entire flow for the user, what the interface looks like, how information is presented and how the different steps are put together. The goal is a smooth user experience - interaction design works best when you as a user do not notice that it exists.

Interaction design is about designing the interaction between human and system (eg computer, program, service). The interaction designer needs to have a good knowledge of how human cognitive processes work, and often need both an understanding of how users interact with the system and what is required by the system technically to realize it (eg what information is to be displayed or collected by the user , and when). A user-centered design process strives for the technical solution to be adapted to the user's needs and what he wants to achieve. In reality, however, some compromises are often required between both the user and the system, depending on the project time and budget.

How do we work with interaction design?

We work with interaction for design in research and together with business and the public sector. In a design project, we start by creating an understanding of people's current activities through observations, interviews, workshops and other design methods. We also study what is happening in the outside world and how it relates to the activities. With this as a starting point, we design products, services or systems that enable other ways of carrying out activities. We often create prototypes to be able to test ideas at an early stage and evaluate them with people in their lives. With this way of working, we can create sustainable and attractive solutions for people, industry and society.

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