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Huge potential for floating wind power

Floating wind power will soon increase rapidly in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. RISE supports this development and our expertise in floating wind power adds value to customers, industry and society. We contribute to the transition to renewable energy sources and increased electrification. And we care about the sea and the ecosystem.

Floating wind power has huge potential in several aspects. Hopefully, the reduced impact on people and environment will result in more flexible permit processes and more approvals compared to applications based on bottom fixed foundations in shallow waters, close to shore.

Most of the wind sources at sea are found in areas at a depth of more than 60 meters deep. From a technical perspective, floating wind turbines have several advantages regarding logistics, environment and society in relation to wind power turbines with bottom fixed foundations.

There is less disturbing noise at the installation and the impact on the seabed can be significantly less compared to wind turbines based on bottom fixed foundations. Another advantage is that floating wind power can be positioned further out at sea, out of sight, which reduces the risk of conflicting interests.

What we do

RISE conducts research and innovation together with industry and society. We offer comprehensive competence in floating wind power and some of the expertise we contribute with is:

  • Analysis of movement, stability and load
  • Testing (testing on models as well as full scale validation)
  • Nautical risk management and assessment
  • Maritime- and harbour logistics
  • Value-chain development


More information

We support you through the technical phases and development of your project. Our research- and innovation projects are based on the customers' needs and the development in the market.


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