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Ground Penetrating Radar Measurements In 2D And 3D

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used to locate reinforcing bars, steel beams, cavities, cracks, pipes and casting details in concrete structures.


2D measurements enable a quick overview of the contents of concrete structures and 3D measurements are beneficial locally where more detailed information is required. RISE can evaluate the scanning results directly on the GPR’s screen or analyse the results afterwards with computer programs. GPR can be used for several different applications, for example:

  • Positioning of reinforcement etcetera in pillars / beams to avoid cutting reinforcement etcetera during drilling.
  • Determination of the reinforcement content of concrete structures, for example in system of joists.
  • Non-destructive testing for positioning of any damages, cavities, cracks, pipes, etcetera.
  • Investigation of reinforcement damages, for example due to black rust. The GPR method is beneficial here since it is otherwise difficult to judge the extent of black rust from visual assessment of the concrete´s exterior.
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