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Gasification enables all types of fuels to be converted into a product gas, mainly carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2). The product gas, also called synthesis gas or syngas, can then be used for downstream synthesis of chemicals and fuels, or simply incinerated to generate electricity and heat.

Within RISE, we have worked with gasification in various applications for more than two decades. Previous experience includes, long programs on black liquor gasification and projects aimed at fuel production from biomass gasification.

More recently, gasification technology has gained interest as a promising technology for chemical recycling of plastic waste, where the product gas can be used for downstream synthesis into new plastic raw material.

At RISE we have several pilot plants on a pilot scale to study in detail the gasification of various fuels under different operating conditions. We have the opportunity to gasify fuels in all its forms;

  • solids (powder, pellets),
  • liquids
  • gas.

The pilot plants are equipped with sampling equipment to thoroughly understand the process and answer specific questions. We offer opportunities to test and develop gasification processes for different fuels based on the customer's needs. We do this through experiments on an industrially relevant scale in one of our pilot plants.

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Gasification means the chemical conversion of a carbon-containing fuel into a gaseous product with a useful heat value.

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