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Functional surfaces

The property of a surface is often crucial for the function of a material. At RISE, we have extensive expertise within surface treatment, modification and coatings, and can help you achieve the desired function of a surface or material.

Challenges related to materials and surfaces are common in industry and society. The properties of a surface are decisive for example to achieve good adhesion to a material, to create liquid- or gas barrier layers, to reduce corrosion problems, to prevent build-up of dirt, microorganisms, ice and frost etc. RISE offers unique expertise within surface treatment and coatings, in order to solve the above-mentioned challenges together with our customers.

RISE can offer services such as:

Surface modification

We offer wet chemical methods (silane chemistry, etching, polymer grafting etcetera) or dry methods like flame treatment, corona, and plasma. Plasma treatment can activate a surface for instance to improve the adhesion, but we also offer plasma polymerization for creation of functional groups on a surface.

Development and formulation of functional coatings

For example anti-corrosive, anti-bacterial, anti-ice, liquid-repellent, dirt-repellent, anti-reflective, fire protective etcetera. The desired functionality is often achieved by using nanotechnology, that is, incorporation of nanomaterials for example graphene or other types of nanoparticles in the coating matrix, or by creation of porous materials through sol-gel chemistry.

Coating techniques

We offer dip coating, spray coating, spin coating, roll-coating, and nFOG (a novel aerosol-based method).

Advanced surface analysis

Key characterization methods are x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), atomic force microscopy (AFM), electron microscopy (SEM-EDS), Confocal-Raman spectroscopy, contact angle measurements.

Consultation and market studies

We offer expert consultation within surface treatment, including market studies of commercially available technologies and products and literature surveys of relevant scientific literature.

The surface chemistry experts at RISE serve a wide range of industrial sectors, including energy technology, societal infrastructure, life science, and consumer products to name a few. We are involved in strategic research and innovation projects together with industry partners, academic institutions, and the public sector. RISE also offer custom-made solutions to meet our customer’s needs in bilateral collaborations.

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