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Fermentation of food and feed

With expertise in all parts of the food chain we are capable to further explore the long-term tradition to use microorganisms when producing food.

Yoghurt-like product based on faba beans
Within RISE we develop novel kinds of fermented products. The glass to the right is filled by a commercial yoghurt while the glass to the left contains a yoghurt-like product made from fermented faba beans.


To use microorganisms to create and refine food is a tradition for several thousands of years. The typical example is the bakers´s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae that is used to make bread and alcoholic beverages. Other example are dairy products such as yoghurt. We are convinced that by using a scientific approach is it possible to take the concept further. For example, by providing the product with additional properties and increasing the quality of the product or production process by making better choices of microbial strains. We call that functional fermentation.  


Our firm belief is that there is a great potential using microorganisms when producing food and feed. With properly selected strains, it is possible to add novel properties. For example, producing a specific nutrient or substances with preservating activities. Within RISE, we have the knowledge to develop novel and unique solutions. Because microorganisms are versatile and can be modified the only limitation is your own imagination.  However, there are economical, regulatorial and ethical limitations. We have the expertise to handle all these aspects.  


Within the area of fermented food and feed we can undertake contract research and assessments. We are also interested in research collaborations. As we have expertise in the complete food chain, including business development and sensory we can offer a wide range of services.  

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