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Fire safety in railway vehicles

RISE have long experience of working with fire safety in railway vehicles. We are experts in the area of fire testing of materials in trains according to EN 45545-2, we do research and we are members of both national and international standardization committees.

Time is a key factor when fighting fires. Fire-proof materials and products in railway vehicles minimize the occurrence of a fire and prevent the spread of smoke and flames. This gives passengers and staff more time to evacuate and thus save lives. When a fire can be extinguished at an early stage, it will result in improved safety and limited material damage.


RISE have long experience of standardized testing according to EN 45545-2 och -3. Our laboratory resources also mean that we can perform ad hoc testing on anything from small components to complete vehicles.

EN 45545-2 includes fire dynamic testing. The standard divides material and products in different requirement sets (R-sets), which contain different testing methods togheter with acceptance criteria for different hazard levels (HL). See link to the right regarding the different R-set and testing methods.  

EN 45545-2 includes fire resictance testing of walls, floorings, electrical cabinets etc.


In RISE international work, we have captured the need for companies to be able to veiw and search for materials and products approved according to EN 45545-2 and -3. RISE has created a solution by letting copanies list their materials and product in th open database Rolling Stock Materials.


RISE participate in both national and international research projects, and is thus involved in the process moving the research forward. Results from our research have affected test procedures and fire safety requirements in railway vehicles and infrastructure. Within the EU-projects FIRESTARR and TRANSFEU we contributed to the development of the EN 45545 test standards series through our expertise in fire technology and measurement of toxic fire gases. We have also made a strong contribution to the development of fireproof composite materials for railway vehicles within EU-projects FireResist and most recently Mat4Rail. In these projects, new composite materials were developed to meet high fire requirements and at the same time meet requirements for mechanical properties. In terms of infrastructure, new important knowledge about fire safety in tunnels for trains and tram traffic was developed through our work in the national METRO-project.


RISE is a member of SIS technical committee 254 - Railways, subway and tramway. There, among other things, we carry out work on fire safety in railway vehicles, which is governed by the standard series EN 45545. RISE is activly participating as an expert i CEN/TC 256/WG 01 "Fire Protection". 

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