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Fire safety and risk management for ships

RISE has extensive experience of working with fire, risk and safety for ships and crews. We have researchers, engineers and project managers who participate and run both national and international projects. We also perform testing of materials and products, e.g. based on international fire test procedures FTP Code or ISO standards.

Today, RISE works broadly in the maritime area to help ensure that the Swedish shipping industry remains strong in international competition. An important part of that work is research and innovation in fire, risk and safety, which includes both people and technology. We perform risk analyzes, alternative design of fire protection, fire tests, certifications and are a driving force in research that affects fire safety on board, both technical and operational.

We want to conduct applied research that is useful in reality and therefore, among other things. industry, authorities, shipping companies, crew members and rescue services are important participants in the projects.

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Fire safety

Fire safety on ships is regulated by international regulations, which have been enacted in Sweden through the Swedish Maritime Administration's and the Swedish Transport Agency's regulations on the safety of human life at sea. SOLAS is the international convention for safety rules on board ships. RISE has expertise in regulations and conducts research and development in all parts of the fire protection barriers (prevention, detection, decision / organization, extinguishing, containment, posttreatment), we also participate as an expert in the Swedish delegation at meetings within the International Maritime Organization (IMO) where new rules and recommendations are discussed.

Risk assessment

RISE has extensive experience in conducting formal safety analyzes based on the international guidance developed by the IMO for Formal Safety Assessment (FSA). FSA is a method for developing cost-effective measures that reduce risks and should be used as a tool for shaping rules for ships. The FSA contains the following 5 steps: 1. Risk identification - list of accident scenarios, 2. Risk analysis - probability and consequences, 3. Options for risk control, 4. Cost-benefit assessment, 5. Recommendation.

User studies

RISE's work with maritime fire safety includes usability and we have experts in human factors. The user studie highlight the usability and design of systems that, for example, can help the crew to perceive, understand and fight fires.

Alternative design of fire protection

Many maritime safety regulations provide openings for alternative designs beyond prescribed requirements. An example is SOLAS, which in Regulation 17 in Chapter II-2 provides the opportunity for alternative design of fire protection. The possibility of alternative design expands the range of possible security solutions and opens up for alternatives that are more innovative, attractive and cost-effective than those prescribed. It must always be verified that an adequate level of safety is provided by the alternative solution and the way forward is a risk assessment based on an international guide developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Depending on the scope of the alternative design, the risk assessment is performed at an adapted level. RISE has extensive experience of performing these assessments for a number of alternative solutions, such as alternative fuel, composite instead of steel and alternative cab design. With our world-leading expertise and our laboratory facilities, the possibilities for managing and designing alternative solutions are endless.

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