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Fire and rescue service

<p>RISE has a long tradition of cooperating with fire and rescue services in different research projects.&nbsp;RISE intends to be the one that&nbsp;links rescue services, researchers and companies who provide new technology&nbsp;as well as being the obvious partner for authorities, rescue&nbsp;services, researchers and companies concerning issues related to rescue service in technology, tactics and methodology.</p>

As society becomes more complex there is an increasing need for new technologies, strategies, and methodologies for ensuring the safe handling of accidents. Fire and rescue services are expected to work synergistically with the preventative measures and emergency preparation work of society at large.

Development of new rescue techniques

Rescue services are facing new organisational and resource challenges as well, in both urban and rural environments. Due to these changes, new technologies and improved working methods become increasingly important. To face these challenges, rescue services need to identify and implement technological innovations, develop new methods and processes, and follow other societal development in their own and adjacent areas of operations.

Technique, tactics and methods for a better rescue service

The goal of RISE is to be a leading innovation partner that creates valuable and useful solutions and supports sustainable development for society and the business community by contributing with expertise and resources throughout the innovation process.

Ongoing projects

Onging projects related to fire and rescue service:

  • M-Kurs (Impact of fire on the environment)
  • Test bed PFAS
  • Electrical vehicle in underground constructions
  • Adapted Situation AwareneSS tools and taIlored training scenarios for increaSing capabiliTies and enhANcing the proteCtion of First RespondErs – ASSISTANCE (


More information

RISE has a long tradition of cooperating with rescue services. The projects are mainly about overpressure ventilation, IR technology, water mist, underground constructions, new energy carriers, environmental impacts, as well as methods and tactics.

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