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Fiber optic sensors

Fiber optic sensors are insensitive to electromagnetic fields, can be interrogated at a distance, and can withstand harsh environments.

To monitor the condition of wind turbines, important bodily functions during surgery, and to measure temperature along kilometer-long pipelines. These are three applications where fiber optic sensors make a difference.

A fiber optic sensor can be used where conventional measurement technology does not work. The fiber is insensitive to electromagnetic fields, can be integrated inside other materials and components, can measure extremely accurately and can be read from large distances. They find applications in e.g. explosive environments, systems where you need to measure at many points (distributed sensing), or where it is important that the sensor has a small volume or mass.

Fiber sensors at RISE

At RISE, we develop fiber-optic sensors for applications in, e.g. healthcare, infrastructure, energy and process industry. Common to the systems is that an optical fiber is in the core of each system. Sometimes we adapt well-established fiber optic technologies to your particular application. Sometimes completely new methods and innovations are required.

We work with well-established fiber optic technologies such as fiber Bragg gratings (FBGs), spectroscopy and various types of distributed fiber optic sensors (DTS, DAS), but we also develop special sensors for new applications. We can also design and manufacture specialty optical fibers that are tailored to the application.

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