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Fault injection and attack injection in electronics and software

Fault injection and attack injection accelerate the occurrence of faults and attacks in embedded computer systems to evaluate the system's dependability and cybersecurity.

To build dependable and cybersecure systems, some form of redundancy is used in the system (extra hardware, software, information or time) to detect and recover the system from faults and attacks. One way to validate the function of the redundant system is to inject faults and attacks to execute and evaluate the security and dependability mechanisms that ensure that the product can deliver correctly according to its specification.

We have many years of experience in fault injection and attack injection to experimentally verify and validate dependability and security mechanisms in hardware, software and models. We have developed and published several tools (e.g.  GOOFI and MODIFI) that are used both in research and for verification and validation of industrial applications.

We can be responsible for the entire chain from analysis to verification and validation that the system is dependable and/or cybersecure. We can provide support on how fault injection and attack injection should be used to meet different standards and how to perform the evaluation and testing of dependability and cybersecurity for hardware, software and software models. We can also train your staff in fault injection and attack injection if these skills are lacking within your organization.

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