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Electric Road Systems (ERS)

<p>Power transfer to moving vehicles by means of overhead lines, rails or wireless technology.&nbsp;</p>

Electric road system with power transfer, vehicles, logistics, energy system, revenue management, safety and control.
Photo: Martin G. H. Gustavsson

Electrification of transports is of high and strategic importance for governments, authorities and businesses. There are several cutting-edge competencies within RISE relevant to electrified and sustainable transports.

Various electrical road technologies have great potential to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution and reduce noise in urban areas. A vehicle that uses a future network of electric roads will have a long driving range, reduced need for battery which means low cost, and reduced need to stop to recharge which brings flexibility.

RISE has a broad system perspective regarding electrified and sustainable transports. Our expertise has knowledge and practical experience from demonstration projects and studies of both technical and economical issues in both national and international perspectives.

Challenges that can be handled using RISE:

  • Assessment of technical maturity.
  • Survey of stakeholders and what affects them.
  • Data collection, processing and analysis.
  • Interaction between electricity generation, electricity distribution, electricity trading, vehicle energy storage and power train.
  • Modelling, simulation and calculations related to power lines and energy systems.
  • Impact of electromagnetic fields on the environment, people and vehicles.
  • Knowledge dissemination and networking.

RISE possesses the ability to be an independent knowledge and innovation partner that with integrity and in collaboration can deliver substantial results .

Martin G. H. Gustavsson

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Martin G. H. Gustavsson

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