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Dry pretreatment with plasma and laser before adhesive bonding and painting

With plasma and laser, it is possible to quickly clean and change a surface chemically and structurally. The methods can create stronger and reliable adhesive joints or paint layers. RISE uses dry pre-treatment to increase the adhesion to plastic, composite, metal and glass. The treatment is then performed locally or over a larger area.

Plasma and laser can be used before adhesive and painting for a wide range of materials. It is used  to clean and change the surface properties like surface energy, structure and chemistry. This has led to opportunities for stronger and more durable products.  


Some of the advantages are that they are fast, dry, automated and can be used for both local and widespread treatment. Our research in comparison studies has also shown that they can contribute to reduced need for chemicals, reduced environmental impact, improved working environment and lower production costs.

How we work

At RISE, we work closely with our customers in research projects or in direct assignments. Usually we use plasma and laser to increase the adhesion of adhesive and paint and can through it:

  • bond and paint materials that would have been difficult or not possible otherwise
  • quality assure and remove periodic disruptions linked to adherence
  • enable the use of more types of adhesives and paint for a surface
  • increase the service life

What we can do for you

With our laboratory resources we can help you to test plasma and laser on your own applications. We can assist with knowledge, treatment, testing, verification, development and research, but also with automated adhesive dosing and painting if required.

In our lab there are several different types of plasma equipment's, for treatment in atmosphere and vacuum. We can use air or specific gases and have the possibility of including different additives in the plasma. Several of the plasma equipment's are controlled with a robot.

We do also have a Nd Yag laser that works in near infrared light. It is currently handled manually, but is in the long term planned to be automated as well.

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