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Development of drone-based solutions for future autonomous airports

<p>Service development, application innovation, and societal impact analysis for autonomous drones for airport ground operations.</p>


RISE offers experts on the usage of drones at the airports for different applications including air surveillance, light calibration, ground survey. RISE helps to identify the use cases, specify the requirements, develop AI methods, as well as demonstrate the solutions.

Together with authorities and airports as needs owners, RISE brings drone-based solutions developed by Swedish industries to the airport environment. Solutions are expected to contribute to the future autonomous airports with advanced automation, connectivity and electrification, new skills, increased operation and resource efficiency, reduced emission and operational costs.

You have a prototype or product with drones and is exploring the potential of different applications areas. Or you as authorities or airports are exploring emerging drone solutions for ground operations. RISE takes the products from Swedish industry and design solutions for concrete use cases. RISE works together with partners and coordinate efforts for detailed application design, requirement analysis, as well demo and pilot.

With RISE as a research partner, customers can expect application-oriented research on algorithm development, detailed use-case based application development, demonstration, as well as impact evolution. For Swedish industry, this means the acceleration of product introduction. For authorities and airports, this means the early trials of emerging technologies for decision-making.

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