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Driver modelling

A paradigm shift within the transport system is at our doorstep. Transport is becoming commodity and vehicle automation and servification are the enablers. As the role of the driver changes from actively driving, to passively riding along, the measures to understand driver engagement need to be updated.

Historically the human driver has always been in charge and responsible for driving. Traditionally, tools for measuring driver capabilities are based on eye gaze. Methods for capturing behavior data, both qualitative and quantitative, are developed along with models capable of automatically predict driver behaviour.

Understand traffic behaviour

Building a transportation system for everybody requires understanding of the behavior of the different users. At RISE, a broad knowledge within road user behavior is developed from a multidisciplinary approach. We monitor drivers’, passengers’ and surrounding road users’ behavior using e.g. camera-based sensors to obtain a scene in which we automatically can extract indicators that describe interaction. The interplay between the driver and the vehicle have never been more important as the responsibility is shifted between the two instead of only being with the driver. Depending on the level of automation, the vehicle needs to know that driver is capable to take over control.

Interpretable measurement methods for driver modelling

RISE can provide guidelines on how to capture behavior and measure interaction, how to design systems to become interpretable and what variables to study to understand and model intentions of the driver.

Researchers at RISE have long experience from the transportation domain and in close collaboration with our partners we deliver valuable insights around products, businesses and innovations.

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