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Development of cast components

<p>The properties of a cast component are influenced by many factors; material, alloying elements, geometry, solidification rate and the robustness of the casting process. At RISE we have the resources and competence to optimise and adjust a component for the casting process. We can also assist in choosing material and developing alloys.</p>

When designing cast components great knowledge on how cast materials work, how the component will be filled and solidify in its mould and how the geometry will affect the solidification rate and thereby the mechanical properties is required.

We offer optimisation and analysis of new as well as existent components. We can assist in structural analysis, simulation of residual stresses and analysis of the material. We have specialists in for example cast iron, cast steels, aluminium and brass.


Evaluation of cast materials

By continuously evaluating components regarding mechanical properties, microstructure and structural analysis we keep ourselves updated and have broad knowledge of the cast component. We use modern softwares for optimisation and analysis, and we have laboratories adapted to our purposes. Our clients come from different industries, for example aerospsace, automotive and workshop.


Collaboration and research within cast components

We collaborate with the foundry industry and its clients in publicly financed research projects as well as in client specific assignments. We also have several scheduled educational courses within casting and may also customise courses to suit a specific client.

We can assist in for example:

  • Guidance in casting design
  • Adaptation of components to the casting process
  • Structural analysis and topology optimisation
  • Simulation and measuring of residual stresses
  • Materials analysis – defect analysis
  • Mechanical testing – tensile testing, impact testing and hardness measurements



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