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Cybersecurity within total defence

With an increasingly digitalized society, the risk of cyberattacks increases. Critical societal functions as well as individual organizations and companies can be affected by a cyberattack. It is vital to synchronize digital development with increased competence and development of cybersecurity.

Society´s basic functions must work

In a resilient and robust society, basic functions such as energy supply, transport, access to food and drinking water, communication, and healthcare must work even in an event of a disruption. These functions are becoming increasingly dependent on digital technology, which opens up new opportunities but also demands increased cybersecurity.

Individual actors contribute to society´s security

By taking measures to achieve high cybersecurity in your own business, the risk of unwanted intrusion and the unwanted costs of a cyberattack is reduced. At the same time, activities in society are largely interconnected. This gives that the security of each actor also contributes to society´s overall security.

Cyberattacks involve high costs

Motives for a cyberattack can be economical, as in the case of ransomware. The attacker then steals files or systems and threatens to publish or destroy them if a ransom is not paid. In addition to the ransom, such a cyberattack can entail large costs in the form of lost or destroyed data as well as financial loss due to systems – and thus production – being down.

Major consequences from cyberattacks

If IT systems at energy suppliers, water utilities, or industries are affected by advanced viruses, it can lead to serious consequences for society. The purpose of cyberattacks against essential activities can be to identify vulnerabilities, gather information about the country's defence, or access research and other classified information. In addition, these cyberattacks can reduce public confidence in society and its functioning, which would have serious consequences.

Cybersecurity at RISE

In 2021, RISE established the Center for Cyber Security, a neutral platform to strengthen applied research and increase competence in cybersecurity in Sweden. The purpose is to support both businesses and the public sector within the area. Through Centre for Cyber Security, RISE contributes with expertise, research partnerships, and innovation management. We conduct research in IoT covering connected devices and autonomous vehicles, and the cybersecurity economy. 

Cybersecurity Test & Demo

RISE also has a test and demo facility, Cyber range, which enables authentic tests and practical training in cybersecurity. We are an accredited certification body and offer training aimed at equipping the industry and the public sector against possible cyberattacks. RISE also runs Cybernode, a national innovation node in cybersecurity.  

Cybersecurity training

Cybersecurity for board and management teams
Cybersecurity for developers
About critical cyber security
Cybersecurity for IoT products

See all education within cybersecurity.

International activities in cybersecurity

Work to counter cyberattacks and strengthen society's ability to protect itself against cybersecurity threats is fully underway worldwide. RISE is involved in several international collaborations to support research, technology development, and requirements/standards.

Our collaborations with a focus on cybersecurity

Read more about RISE Center for cybersecurity


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