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Solid state characterisation and crystallisation processes

The right solid-state properties are necessary for the design of drugs and new materials. RISE can help you to solve your solid-state problems – from characterisation to designing an efficient crystallisation process.

Understanding the properties of solids is necessary for the development of new pharmaceutical substances and drugs, manufacture of fine and bulk chemicals and for the design of new materials. At RISE, we have the expertise and techniques to analyse both inorganic and organic substances. We have both equipment and long experience of investigating, designing and scaling up crystallisation processes. And we always strive to develop methods for efficient, economical and sustainable production.

Large selection of analysis techniques and equipment for all needs

RISE perform all types of solid phase analyses needed for you product development or to solve your problems, for example:

  • powder and single crystal X-ray analysis (XRPD, SXRD),
  • thermal analysis (DSC, TGA),
  • size analysis (SEM, particle size),
  • measurement of hygroscopicity (DVS), specific surface area and porosity.

RISE can offer salt, co-crystal and polymorphic screenings, as well as design and optimisation of both old and new crystallisation processes for small and medium-sized molecules. We can take subsequent filtration, drying processes and formulation steps into account if necessary. A wide selection of equipment on different scales allows crystallisation, filtration and drying of substances from mg to kg. In our GMP facility, we can manufacture drug substances for early clinical trials.

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