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Chemical problem solving

Do you have problems with a product, material or process? We can help you. By combining our expertise in chemical and physical processes, materials and analytical chemistry, we together with you can investigate the problem, develop a solution and evaluate the result.

We solve the problems of business and society with the help of our experts in chemical and physical processes, materials technology and analytical chemistry and measurement technology. Problems that we can help solve are, for example:

  • A product or material that does not work as expected
  • An equipment or machine breaks down
  • Adaptation of material or product to specific application
  • A process or production that generates material or products beyond specification
  • Development of alternative materials and products
  • Development of methods for control of processes and production
  • ....

Designing and set up of customized experiments, methods and measurement systems at your or our laboratory is an important part of our competence in offering solutions to the questions that exist.

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Marcus Vestergren

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