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Chemical process development and scale up

Chemical processes, design and development from laboratory up to pilot scale. The challenges to create sustainable chemical processes are many! We have solutions providing green and sustainable manufacturing processes.

At RISE, we have long experience from working with a number of key competences such as advanced unit operations for separation processes, batch and continuous chemistry including high temperature and pressure chemistry, process safety and technoeconomic calculations

We provide an opportunity to bring ideas from the laboratory to commercial application. Our scientists, with many years of industrial and academic experience in R&D, in combination with our laboratories and scale up facilities make RISE an ideal partner for your projects. We can contribute to the development through the whole value chain from raw materials to product.

Chemical manufacturing process – from idea to product

Our chemical research and development unit provides different skills which are well integrated and available to support your projects ensuring maximum benefit and efficiency in research and development. We can help you with:

  • advanced chemistry for route design and process development
  • chemical engineering
  • scaling up facilities for batch and continuous processes, high temperature and pressure chemistry including small pilot fuel refinery capabilities
  • full analytical capabilities and expertise in solid state chemistry and crystallization
  • formulation science.

Upscaled and sustainable

New chemical processes should be sustainable in many respects. When designing routes and developing processes, in close collaboration with our customers, we consider safety, environmental impact, legal, economics and control to ensure that the final process is viable for pilot trials and commercial manufacture. We adapt the development efforts and skills employed to the specific needs of the project. Regarding environmental sustainability we can, for example, consider PMI (process mass intensity) including reduction of material and energy use, waste reduction and use of safe and environmentally friendly materials. In principle using the "principles of green chemistry" to reduce environmental impact and improve sustainability.

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