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Characterization of challenging biomass, ash and development of biomass chains

<p>Fuel quality is characterized by the moisture content of the fuel, the chemical content of the fuel and ash-forming substances, as well as the fuel fraction distribution. In order to design a combustion, gasification or pyrolysis plant or choose the right bio fuel for an existing plant, it is important to know the properties of the fuel and understand its impact on the conversion processes and the residuals.</p>

Within RISE, we have a long and broad knowledge of various bio fuel chains and the properties of solid biofuels. We have knowledge of:

  • Bio fuels from the forest, agriculture, industrial processes and the characteristics that characterize these fuels.
  • How the process such as drying, storage and decomposition can affect the biofuel properties.
  • How the biofuel's properties can affect emissions and ash-forming substances in the combustion process.

At RISE, we can characterize, assess and investigate the effects of bio fuels and biofuel mixtures on the conversion process and the residual product in lab scale, pilot scale and full scale in the field.

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